Earlier this week, a gambling industry initiative for Ukraine was launched with the aim of raising around £250,000 for people displaced by the war in Ukraine.

All proceeds from the fundraiser will be donated to the “Choose Love’s Ukraine Crisis Fundraiser” campaign. To date, the fundraiser has raised over £60,000.

In addition, betting operators LeoVegas and ATG both made large donations. ATG donated SEK 2 million ($205,808) to the charity, with director of corporate communications Patrik Brissman adding that the business was looking at ways to allow customers to contribute as well.

LeoVegas, meanwhile, donated SEK 500,000 (US$51,452). “The situation is clearly bleak and saddening, and there is a strong push from people in our offices to do what they can to help,” said Gustaf Hagman, LeoVegas Chief Executive.

“That’s why the LeoVegas Group has decided to donate SEK 500,000 in support of the essential work taking place in the region. The Red Cross is present on the ground – in the conflict zone and in neighboring countries – with the top priority of saving lives.” , added Hagman.

The consequences of the invasion for Russian and Belarusian betting representatives

Meanwhile, with the British government announcing sanctions against Russia as a result of the invasion, ICE London organizer Clarion Gaming announced that Russian and Belarusian companies will not be allowed to participate in its events or through its digital channels.

In an official statement from Alex Pratt, the following was said: “Given the current situation in Ukraine, we have taken the decision to suspend Russian and Belarusian state entities, companies and their representatives from participating in Clarion Gaming’s digital events and products, including the next edition 2022 ICE and iGB Affiliate in London”.

“Our thoughts are with all those who are being affected by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.”