According to the latest Gaming Control Board report – published by La Estrella de Panamá – an overall increase of 142.6% in gambling was recorded for the first eleven months of 2021, a figure that exceeds recovery levels most other economic activities.

Also according to the report, the following modalities recorded a positive rate:

  • Type A slot machines increased by 129.4%;
  • Sportsbooks had a positive rate of 103.8%;
  • Gaming tables increased by 126.1%;
  • Racetracks recorded 87.1%;
  • Bingo halls grew by 260.6%;
  • Gross lottery sales increased by 142.6%.

The same report, but with net stakes, details that total net stakes recorded by the Gaming Control Board increased by 133.4%, type A slot machines by 124%, sports betting by 99, 7%, gaming tables at 126.6% and bingo rooms at 395.8%. The racecourse showed a decrease of 28.2% and lottery sales increased by 133.4%.

Most bets are placed on slot machines. At this point alone, 1,209,948 million dollars were wagered. This is followed by sports betting rooms with $61.868 million, gaming tables with $60.486 million, racetrack with $17.488 million and bingo halls with $6.344 million.

Sweden registers increase in the number of supporters of betting games

In addition to this increase registered by Panama, Sweden recently reported that the proportion of Swedish citizens betting for cash increased by seven percentage points in 2021, according to a survey by the Swedish regulatory body.

In conjunction with SKOP, the Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA) has published the results of gambling supporters in their annual survey. The report found that 73% of all Swedes have gambled in the last 12 months, with 29% of them having gambled at least once a week.