The number of fans of casino games has been expanding since its inception. Currently, access to this type of content has become easier thanks to the internet, where players can play via computer or mobile devices; different from the time when casinos were only accessible in person.

The advancement of this technology has made the casino gaming market reach the mark of US$ 1 billion in market value in Brazil, according to the survey ‘O Mercado de Apostas Esportivas’, produced by the Globo portal.

According to the survey, the most popular games for Brazilians are blackjack, roulette and table games in general.

Online casinos can grow even more

With all the innovations in the online casino industry, the revenue from this market is expected to grow more and more over the years.

There are many entertainment options on online casino sites, which explains the success of this modality among Brazilians. Even Jogo do Bicho, a popular game in Brazilian culture, is present in some online casinos.

Bingo is another game that is not lacking on these sites. Being a simple and intuitive modality, bingo attracts many players for being very simple to play and easy to find. Some companies even offer innovations that further retain players.

The advancement of technology in favor of casino games

Technology is advancing more and more in favor of casinos and one of the latest innovations that is available to players is the virtual reality experience in an internet casino.

The objective is to simulate a ‘real’ casino environment, only in a totally virtual way. In this way, the player can access the website of their favorite casino and “walk” virtually through the rooms and games, choosing the game of their choice.

In addition, some game providers are also betting on adapting their games to mobile devices. The development of dedicated apps exclusively for iOS and Android, allows Brazilians to play their favorite games anywhere.