Online Gaming & Casino Market Bills More Than $125 Billion Worldwide in 2021

Even in a period of crisis that affects almost every sector of the world, online gaming and casinos ended the year 2021 on a high. One of the reasons is the consolidation of this type of entertainment, especially in countries that demonstrate their love for games.

According to a survey by the company SuperData, digital games grew 12% in 2021, with sales exceeding US$ 125 billion, a new record for an industry that is gaining more and more followers in Brazil and in the world.

The positive side – which justifies this growth – is the recognition of online games, which encompasses almost everyone. Some reasons explain this success, such as the diversity of this entertainment and the strong campaign of companies looking for new players.

This is the case for online casino platforms. The highest scoring sites often offer free spins and no deposit bonuses for newly registered users. The aim is to show fans of traditional casinos and gambling games such as poker and blackjack that the interactivity and vibrancy of online casinos are a good alternative on the internet.

This is just one example, as there is no shortage of game categories that appeal to all types of people. The result is $126.6 billion in revenue in 2021, with an annual growth rate of 12%.

This year’s Games Brazil Survey also noted that 42.2% of respondents admitted they had spent more on games in the past 12 months. This explains the record revenue and why the forecast is that it will continue to grow in the coming years.

The growth of eSports

It’s no secret that online gaming is already deeply rooted in people’s hearts. For example, audience numbers for eSports competitions have grown rapidly over the last 10 years.

Today, Dota 2, CS:GO and LoL tournaments tend to attract millions of spectators, whether following them in real time or watching the highlights. Platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitch are able to grow in the market with this.

The growth projection of online games and casinos

This increasingly digital future means a greater dominance of online gaming, whether it’s something entirely geared towards entertainment, or even gambling on websites and online casinos.

With the growing popularity of the internet and new technologies, the online gaming and gambling market could approach US$200 billion in annual revenue.

That would mean a leading position in the digital entertainment industry, potentially surpassing even streaming giants like Netflix and HBO Max.