Cryptocurrency company Bitso Brasil closes a R$ 10 million sponsorship with São Paulo
Photo: Rubens Chiri /

The company in the cryptocurrency segment, Bitso Brasil is the new sponsor of São Paulo. The group’s brand will be inserted into the shirt sleeves of the São Paulo soccer team. The agreement revolves around 10 million reais a year, according to a GE article.

The space on the shirt negotiated with Bitso Brasil is the last available in the Tricolor Paulista uniform, which already has partnerships for the back, front center, shirt back bar, shoulders and shorts.

If the amounts involved are confirmed, this will be the second most valuable deal involving brand exposure on the São Paulo shirt. Sports betting company, closed master sponsorship and appears both on the chest and on the back. These are the two most prestigious locations in the uniform and generate revenue of 24 million reais a year for the club.

On social networks, Bitso Brasil has already made a post mentioning its new partnership with an image in which it suggests that it will be followed and followed by the official profile of São Paulo.

It is noteworthy that São Paulo was able to increase its revenue sources this season compared to last year. With fans returning to the stadiums only in the second half of the year due to social restrictions imposed by the pandemic, this expansion of resources was extremely important for the club.

About Bitso Brasil

Bitso Brasil presents itself as one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms in Latin America with a community of millions of people. The intention is to present the crypto sector in a transparent and uncomplicated way, allowing the buying, selling and trading of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies instantly.

In addition, São Paulo’s new sponsor introduces this fast-rising industry as the ‘evolution of money’.