Cryptocurrency platform, FTX signs $10m annual deal with Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors, the NBA team, announced a deal with the cryptocurrency platform, FTX. For about $10 million annually, the platform will become the official cryptocurrency and non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace for the basketball team. In the United States, the group has already announced that it will be in the next edition of the Super Bowl.

“Cryptocurrency has a well-established worldwide community and will continue to be an important part of the sports, media and entertainment industries. In our conversations with FTX, we quickly realized our shared desire to innovate around cryptocurrency integration and adoption, including the role NFTs play in global fan engagement,” said Brandon Schneider, President and COO of the Warriors.

“Through our partnership with Stephen Curry, we were introduced to the Warriors and are excited to partner with a franchise that aligns with our core values,” noted Brett Harrison, president of FTX USA.

In early 2021, the Warriors pioneered among US teams in creating their official NFTS, with the Legacy NFT series celebrating the team’s achievements in the NBA. The team still holds the most expensive sports NFT sales record of all time, with the World Championship Ring selling for $871,519.

FTX and basketball team make donations to three education NGOs

In addition, the Warriors and FTX donated three bitcoins to three educational organizations located in San Francisco, Calif., home of the NBA team. Each corresponds to R$ 277,469.70, according to MKT Esportivo.

“The FTX US NFT platform will provide a safe place for overseas Warriors fans to access collectibles exclusive to the franchise. Working with the Warriors will enhance our ability to create positive change, not just nationally, but internationally, with one of the most prestigious professional sports franchises in the world,” concluded Harrison.