SOFTSWISS Group surpasses the 1000 employee mark

SOFTSWISS is proud to announce the expansion of its team to a total of over 1000 employees. The company’s rapid growth and development requires qualified professionals who can strengthen the brand’s position as a leader in iGaming. As a result, the SOFTSWISS family has doubled since the beginning of 2021.

The company’s growth is closely linked to several important events that took place in the last year. First, it is important to mention that in 2021, SOFTSWISS expanded its geographic representation, opening new offices in Poland and Georgia. At present, around 80% of all employees are from Belarus, but the company is actively recruiting professionals from other regions and encouraging diversity.

Belarus (Minsk) currently leads the list of countries in which the team works. It is followed in descending order by Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Georgia. Company employees can also be found working remotely from Austria, Bali, Brazil, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Nigeria, Portugal, Serbia and Vietnam.

The launch and promotion of new products also had a significant impact on the rapid growth of SOFTSWISS. Although the Sportsbook SOFTSWISS was launched in December 2020, active promotion of the product took place throughout 2021. During that time, the Sportsbook platform team has more than tripled in size. Also in 2021, the company unveiled Jackpot Aggregator, a unique solution for organizing and managing jackpot campaigns.

Managed Services was one of the fastest growing sectors at SOFTSWISS

Managed Services was one of the fastest growing teams across the brand. Over the year, they grew 60%: from 90 people in January to over 150 in December. These changes have had a positive impact on the quality of work, which is confirmed by the fact that Managed Services was selected for the prestigious EGR award.

“In December, SOFTSWISS passed an important milestone in its development. In January, we were just over 500 – we are now celebrating the 1,000-person limit,” commented Ivan Montik, founder of SOFTSWISS.

Montik concluded: “This issue brings together smart, bright and courageous people who share the principles of respect, freedom and equality at work and in everyday life. We come together to create the best iGaming products and achieve common goals. I’m happy to be part of this great team and I thank everyone for their confidence and work”.

About the company

SOFTSWISS is an international technology brand providing certified and widely acclaimed software solutions for managing iGaming operations. The company holds a number of gaming licenses, providing complete iGaming solutions.

The group has a vast product portfolio, which includes an online casino platform, games aggregator with thousands of casino games, Affilka affiliate platform, sports betting solution and jackpot aggregator.