Play'n GO launches new slot game based on rock band Kiss

The company Play’n GO has launched KISS: Rock the Reels, its new slot machine based on the legendary rock band Kiss, which has been on the scene for nearly 50 years and is characterized by its fervent mass of followers, who will be offered ‘the spectacle of a lifetime’.

In the new title, the company seeks to offer players a unique experience, alongside Starchild, the Demon, the Space Man and the Cat Man, the characters who originally characterized Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. “They hit the road on the journey of their lives. And guess who will join them. That’s right, you,” describes the game.

Random wilds, multipliers and free spins on a 6×4 diamond shaped grid filled with symbols including gang members are just the beginning of this epic game. Also, musicians appear on the screen throughout the game.

“Kiss performs in the game in her iconic attire, starring in her famous face paint. Even those unfamiliar with the ensemble will enjoy the energy this game radiates thanks to the nature of the band’s iconic performances,” reads in the Play’ release n GO.

Play’n GO’s new title details

Players receive five different free spin features (Johannesburg, Sydney, London, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo), all with varying risk levels, not to mention the elusive Encore Free Spin (New York). Encore Spins activate the expansive grid feature, creating 4096 ways to win.

“We love working on the innovations for this game. The way the light animations react to the sound makes the player feel immersed in the experience, as if they were in the show. Making the animations react to the game’s audio was a real achievement, we haven’t seen much in the industry so far,” said Play’n GO games director Charlotte Miliziano.

The title embodies the setting, look and feel of a real show. As the seven original soundtracks play, the pyrotechnics begins to impress audiences. Animations are synchronized with the audio to generate a real-time reaction, further enhancing the experience.