Santos announced Binance, the world’s largest digital asset brokerage, as its new sponsor and licensee for Fan Tokens and NFT. The company stamped its brand on Peixe’s shirt in last Sunday’s game against Internacional, in Beira-Rio.

The partnership will initially yield US$ 10 million (approximately R$ 55 million) to the club and the brand will be stamped on the shirt for the next three years.

More than a sponsorship, with this agreement, Binance becomes the official partnership to operate the sale of Fan Tokens and NFT of Santos.

“We are excited to partner with Binance through this agreement, which reinforces Santos FC’s commitment to providing fans with meaningful experiences with unparalleled access to the engagement platform they need,” says Santos President Andres Rueda.

“This partnership further fuels our passion to continue to pursue creative and innovative ways to drive fan engagement solutions and opens a new chapter in our club’s history,” added the manager.

A new opportunity for Santos FC fans

Binance CEO and co-founder Changpeng “CZ” Zhao highlighted that Binance’s Fan Token represents a powerful new way for fans to express their support and love for their favorite teams:

“Receiving Santos on our platform is an important milestone, as the club is one of the most traditional in Brazil, a country where football is an important part of the national identity-and at the same time, it is an innovative team, with many achievements in the curriculum and great champions”

“With our entry into the Latin American football culture, Binance will promote amazing activities and new engagement opportunities for fans across the continent who are ready to venture into the world of Fan Tokens.”

“Having Santos on Binance’s Fan Token platform means fans can collect and use NFTs, participate in exclusive polls and unlock badges and rewards based on their level of engagement. “, finished Zhao.

It is worth noting that Santos is the only club in Latin America so far in partnership with Binance, which has also closed with Lazio, in Italy, and Porto, in Portugal.

The Fan Token will be an opportunity to bring the passionate fan ever deeper into the Club’s decisions.

In the case of the NFT, with a team with a history as rich as Santos FC, it will be a product that fits like a glove, as it will provide fans with acquiring digital assets and having a personal collection of collectibles from the club that makes anyone proud. .