SOFTSWISS conducted a large-scale survey in which it assessed customer satisfaction. The survey was conducted by marketing research leader Kantar Ukraine on behalf of SOFTSWISS.

The results show that one of the main advantages of SOFTSWISS is the high level customer service, which distinguishes the company in the market from its competitors.

Its main objectives were to discover which key features and product features are of critical importance to customers, understand their expectations, and measure their satisfaction with SOFTSWISS and its competitors’ products and services.

Among the most important characteristics when choosing a company to cooperate with, respondents pointed out (on a scale of 1-10, where 1 is less important and 10 is more important):

  • Quick response and quick problem resolution (9.2);
  • Help to earn money (8.9);
  • Easy and fast communication with managers (8.8);
  • Top-notch service (8.8);
  • Opportunity to run a successful and profitable business (8.7).

All of these features are in line with the SOFTSWISS brand’s positioning to be a trusted provider of iGaming solutions and to offer customers not only experience and innovation, but also a high level of customer service.

Among the least important characteristics when choosing a partner, respondents mentioned:

  • The development of the entertainment and gaming industry (7.6);
  • The status of “iGaming’s leading provider” (7.4);
  • The opportunity to get “a positive effect on your image from cooperation” (6.8).

Based on the survey, customers still trust the feedback received via “word of mouth” when making the decision to partner with SOFTSWISS.

However, social media, blogs and newsletters are gaining ground among the main sources of information from which customers discover software vendors and their advantages and disadvantages.

Among competitors, SOFTSWISS is the leader in the following characteristics:

  • SOFTSWISS is considered a long-term partner;
  • The company guarantees easy and fast communication through account managers;
  • SOFTSWISS shares iGaming-related information with customers;
  • The company offers the opportunity to run a successful and profitable business;
  • The brand offers services and products that meet customer needs;
  • SOFTSWISS employees demonstrate a high level of professionalism and experience during communication.

Statistically, our competitors are significantly inferior to SOFTSWISS, based on the following characteristics: “opportunity to do profitable business”, “high professionalism and specialization” and “maximum involvement of the company representative in solving customer problems”.

Among the features most valued by customers when choosing an online casino platform from the top 5 are:

  • Support for multiple payment systems (9.4);
  • Financial reports (9.0);
  • Flexibility in bonus settings (8.8);
  • Payment Systems Management (8.7);
  • Variety of game providers (8.6).

Compared to competitors, the SOFTSWISS Online Casino Platform wins by offering more gaming content studios, detailed financial reports and gaming licenses.

In addition, the company was highly rated in terms of customer service. On average, this score is 1.3 points higher than the competitors received.

This is further supported by the SOFTSWISS awards received this year in the nominations for Best Customer Service Company of the Year at the International Gaming Awards (IGA) and Best Customer Service of the Year at the Starlet Awards.

In summary, the main reasons for choosing SOFTSWISS were the communication and support of account managers, a wide range of complementary products and services, as well as short response times to customer inquiries and the inclusion of a gaming license.

Also among the advantages of SOFTSWISS cited by the survey results are support for cryptographic currencies and broad geographic coverage of the market.

Valentina Bagniya, Marketing Director at SOFTSWISS, gave the following testimony about the survey:

“The key to the success of any business or brand is to understand the needs and perceptions of its target audience. In planning this survey, our main objective was to discover the most relevant characteristics of products and services that influence customer choice and loyalty. “.

“We also wanted to assess opportunities for growth and improvement for SOFTSWISS. We are certainly pleased with the results and the valuable insights gained. It is encouraging to see that our positioning is in line with the needs and expectations of our customers.”

“But what’s even more important is that the survey results have confirmed the high marks we’ve received in recent award nominations,” concluded Bagniya.