SCCG Management Partners with Better Change to Improve Player Protection

SCCG Management announced a partnership with gambling harm prevention organization Better Change. Based in Gibraltar, Better Change provides training, multi-channel content creation and professional services to game operators who want to implement or strengthen their tools to reduce the damage that players at risk may face.

Stephen Crystal, Founder and CEO of SCCG Management, commented, “The regulated gaming industry has always been at the forefront of implementing tools and programs to improve education and awareness, reduce risk, and provide support where there are gaming issues.”

Crystal added: “Operators understand that this mission is essential in the long term for the industry we’ve spent decades building. We believe companies like Better Change are a natural part of evolving and improving our approaches to problem gambling and social risk mitigation.”

SCCG Management Partners with Better Change to Improve Player Protection

Built from scientific information and research, Better Change aims to prevent the harm of gambling by focusing on intervention strategies for problem players, leveraging an operator’s internal infrastructure, and developing external messages for gamers and regulators.

The organization works by ‘intrinsically and organically interweaving’ its activity with operators and regulatory frameworks to provide ‘true, sustainable and authentic protection’.

Founder of the entity celebrates agreement with SCCG Management

Victoria Reed, founder of Better Change, said: “Player protection is quickly becoming the heart of the gaming industry and everyone at Better Change has seen firsthand the devastation caused by gambling addiction. Despite that, we are certainly not against games.”

Reed added: “By partnering with operators and vendors to help them raise the bar through improved compliance, innovative social responsibility strategies and providing safer gaming tools designed to maximize player protection, we can sustain our industry and deliver clear, sustainable ​​and progressive results for our partners and their players.”

The founder of Better Change concluded: “We are proud to partner with SCCG management to combine their unrivaled experience in North America with our innovative solutions focused on player protection and general regulatory affairs in the United States. Together, we can prevent game damage.”