Highlighting responsible gaming as a “cornerstone” of its business strategy, International Game Technology (IGT) announced its global Responsible Gambling Policy.

IGT – which reported strong business performance in the second quarter of 2021 – stated that the new policy was launched in order to ‘transparently inform and educate all stakeholders’ about the company’s worldwide programs and solutions that promote fair play, compliance with the regulations and requirements of responsible gambling.

Comprised of ‘four pillars – valuing and protecting people, moving forward responsibly, supporting communities and promoting sustainable operations – IGT’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy will see the company continue a ‘long-term commitment’ to safer gambling.

The company claims that this is achieved through close relationships with customers, gaming regulators, research institutions and advocacy groups, with the aim of promoting tools and preventing problematic gambling.

An action to demonstrate IGT’s commitment and transparency

“Responsible gaming is a cornerstone of everything we do at IGT and an aspect of our business where we demonstrate leadership among gambling and lottery vendors,” noted Wendy Montgomery, Senior Vice President of IGT.

“By publishing IGT’s Responsible Gaming Policy, we demonstrate important transparency about the principles of our commitments and the exemplary standard to which we maintain our employees, products and partners.”

Under the policy, IGT is committed to maintaining its “strong model of governance, innovation and collaboration with internal and external partners” as engines of success for its initiatives, while creating topic-focused working groups to explore better and emerging trends. practices with respect to responsible gambling.

The policy will also see the IGT support responsible gaming organizations that aim to address issues and minors, while identifying its overall objective as the development of programs and initiatives to minimize gambling-related harm, which can be found in the “pillar of Advanced Responsibility”.