Court orders Alphabets accounts to be blocked after investor request

The justice of Rio de Janeiro requested the blocking of 95 thousand reais from the accounts of the company Alphabets, headquartered in Cabo Frio and which suspended activities on the 8th, as well as its owner Rogério Cruz Guapindaia, who was presenting himself as CEO of the company. sports betting sector.

According to a report by ‘O Globo’, this was the first determination of justice against the businessman in the state. The injunction is by judge André Aiex Baptista Martins, from the 6th Civil Court of Volta Redonda. The judge established the retention of accounts after a clientele asked for the return of the amount invested in the business.

The woman stated that she invested the amount between July and August. Since the last 10th, 15 lawsuits have been filed in the Court of Justice of Rio (TJRJ) against Alphabets by former clients seeking the return of their investments.

According to the client’s defense, she transferred approximately 95 thousand reais to the company’s accounts. However, “due to the irregular performance and suspicion of the financial pyramid reported”, she requests, in a “prior character, the arrest” of the bank accounts of the company and the entrepreneur.

The judge accepted the request. The magistrate also pointed out that there is “notably the danger of damage” for the client and, thus, she would have to have the investment reviewed.

Clients are seeking legal help

Now, those responsible for the company are being investigated by the 126th DP (Cabo Frio) and 125th DP (São Pedro da Aldeia) for the practice of embezzlement. So far, more than 30 clients have filed police reports against Rogério Cruz. In addition, a law firm announced that it will file a series of representations against Alphabets.

“All the people who have been injured are looking for legal help. We have several clients who invested and lost everything. A single customer lost R$100,000 in investment. We are assisting victims from Cabo Frio, Iguaba Grande, São Pedro da Aldeia, Rio de Janeiro, Niterói, Volta Redonda, São Paulo and even Fortaleza. For the next few days, we are preparing a batch with 50 actions to file in court. In one fell swoop, we are going to demand the blocking of the accounts of the companies and the entrepreneur for an immediate arrest”, said the lawyer Fábio Jardim Rigueira, who reported having been contacted by more than 100 clients.

Alphabets reached 18 thousand investors

The announcement of the closing of the deal provoked a strong reaction among all those involved with Alphabets. According to the Civil Police, around 18 thousand people invested in the company. These investors are from different states in the country. Over the weekend, several people promoted a motorcade in Cabo Frio to speed up the process of investigating the case.

On the official website, Alphabets is described as “the first sports trading robot in Brazil” and offers profits ranging from 1.2% to 3.2% a day. In addition, the portal informs that the business provides “free high-performance software aimed at profits and income in the sports betting market”. To start the investment, it is necessary to select a type of license, with amounts ranging from 100 to R$ 100,000.

30 companies are being investigated in the region

Before his arrest, on August 25, businessman Glaidson Acácio dos Santos stated in a video – sent to his clientele – that in Cabo Frio there are “many companies that (make) a supposed pyramid” and said that he has operated for almost one decade carrying out bitcoin consultancies.

He pointed out that the city recorded several attempted coups and fraud, something he described as a dispute in ‘New Egypt’. However, he ensured that his clientele could trust his business, presented as a consultancy.

Currently, the 126th DP is conducting investigations in 30 companies that supposedly operate in the cryptocurrency market, but which would be financial pyramids. According to the chief delegate Carlos Eduardo Pereira Almeida, this amount could increase. “We have several inquiries in progress. We ask that anyone who has been harmed contact us and file a complaint at the police station”, he concluded.