This month of September is very special for the Soft2Bet brand, which has just reached 5 years of activity. In a statement, the company stated the following:

We’ve had our share of success stories this year – the joys of building some of the best contemporary casino sites and sports books, the joys of successfully partnering with industry leaders, the joys of finding new customers every day, and so much more !

Reflecting on these five years, the company has had a mission to bring unique experiences to customers around the world. This was done by developing more unique brands, adding extra features and elevating the entire user journey.

This period was favorable for the development of several unique brands, aiming to provide a better experience for customers every time! Our gratitude goes out to all customers and partners who are part of our network.

You have embarked on this journey with us and, in many ways, we have evolved together to reach new heights of success. For this reason, let us celebrate the occasion and continue to take glorious steps together. Cheers to another incredible year full of fantastic projects and partnerships!

About Soft2Bet and its growth

Soft2Bet has established itself as a business partner and aims to gain popularity among players due to its high level work. In addition, the brand has steadily developed and grown from just two employees to over 700 highly talented professionals, with more every week.

Since launch, Soft2Bet has opened three offices, acquired two leading iGaming licenses – MGA and SGA, and received multiple certificates for their hard work, effort and dedication. The organization’s intention is to continue evolving and presenting news for the gaming and betting sector to its customers around the world.