Twitch Platform Announces Restriction of Content Linked to Gambling Industry

The Twitch platform is restricting the production of content creators who have partnerships with companies in the gambling industry. The video transmission platform announced that, from next Tuesday, 24th, it will be prohibited to propagate links and codes of partners in this segment on the platform.

That determination was announced this week in an update passed on to content producers. Twitch explained the change as an action to reduce irregularities promoted by suspicious websites.

“To prevent damage and fraud created by questionable gaming services that sponsor content on Twitch, we will prohibit the posting of links and partner codes to sites that offer slot, roulette and craps. We will continue to monitor game content and update our approach when necessary”, stated in the official statement from the platform.

Despite this new measure, Twitch has not officially banned content producers from advertising or playing at bookmakers during their live broadcasts, it only aims to prevent the distribution of links. According to a report by Globo Esporte, this is a very recurrent practice both in chats and in banners nowadays.

The standard comes after debates on the topic have taken over the international community, with names like Zack, “Asmongold”, Felix “xQc” (an old practitioner) and Imane “Pokimane”, three of Twitch’s main references, having spoken out of way contrary to this type of game on the platform.

In June, Slovakia opted to ban access to Twitch after a local content creator broadcast illegally playing poker.

About Twitch

Twitch is a live video streaming platform focused on broadcasts from a variety of industries, including electronic sports tournament screenings. In addition, the service provides streaming music, creative material, among others.

Today, the platform has a daily number of active users of 15 million and is already considered one of the main ones on the planet.