AstroPay launches payment solution in Europe

AstroPay has launched its digital payment service in the European market. This comes after significant growth in the business, which saw an exponential increase in its user base.

Since its inception in 2009, AstroPay has been successful in providing payment solutions to customers in Latin America, Asia and Africa. The launch in Europe is part of a strategic objective of global expansion.

From now on, customers in the UK, Portugal and Spain will be able to access the company’s services. AstroPay wants to prove that it has a strong understanding of customer needs in European regions.

Mikael Lijtenstein, CEO of AstroPay, said: “AstroPay has continued to grow strongly despite the disruption caused by the pandemic, and as businesses venture into Europe, we remain focused on providing the best possible digital payment service for all of our customers. new and existing customers around the world”.

Lijtenstein further stated that “the European market is very different from emerging markets, with its own challenges. Europe’s digital payments sector is highly developed, with consumers used to having access to a wide range of solutions.”

The company’s CEO concluded: “Our experience in dealing with the specifics of different markets allows us to adapt and provide an efficient solution for all types of customers, end users and business partners in various parts of the world. The differences between these markets, together with the opportunities that Europe has to offer, helped to shape our decision to launch in Europe”.

About AstroPay

AstroPay is the global payment solution for thousands of consumers in Asia, Africa and Latin America who want to shop online at international websites. Because it deeply understands the complexity of payment systems today, the company has developed a digital wallet based on two pillars: immediacy and security.

With around two million users, 500 business partners and over 200 payment methods available, the company has extensive experience in dealing with the particularities of different markets.