SOFTSWISS support team compares statistics for the first two quarters of the year

SOFTSWISS frontline support recently reported that it processed more than 450,000 player requests (chats and tickets) in the second quarter. This provided an increase of almost 20% in the number of queries resolved compared to Q1 2021.

The team also revealed that the number of withdrawals was also up 13% to 75,917 in the second quarter, compared to 65,715 in the first quarter. This demonstrates the continued growth capability of the company’s support.

Despite the increased load, the quality and speed of the support service did not change, as the service presents daily statistics of 4000 chats resolved and 2500 withdrawals carried out with an average Customer Satisfaction Index of 82-85%.

Yan Fursa, SOFTSWISS Head of First Line Support, said: “The SOFTSWISS support team is, at its core, a versatile team. Our department acts as a kind of intermediary between the player, the customer and the casino world. We operate 24/7 to offer all our customers the best possible service, being 100% transparent and impartial”.

Fursa added: “The FLS Team supports hundreds of players around the world, providing the fastest and most reliable service possible. On a daily basis, we deal with all kinds of questions from players, including the most complex ones of a technical nature. The team is excited to be able to make a difference for SOFTSWISS customers.”

Support department provides full player assistance

SOFTSWISS’ top-notch team takes on the full support of the players of the online casino platform. And, it communicates with players via live chat and emails, available in many different languages. This includes handling problems or bugs reported by players, performing player checks that request withdrawals, and much more.

SOFTSWISS support team compares statistics for the first two quarters of the year

In addition to direct communication with casino players, support also engages with operators and helps to resolve queries concerning players. In addition, the team highly values ​​its reputation, being recognized for its respectful attitude towards each player and for providing a very high level of service.

Managed services are part of the solutions offered by SOFTSWISS to customers to help them support their iGaming brand. The department comprises First Line Support, Anti-Fraud Support, Retention and VIP Management services, providing complete player assistance.


SOFTSWISS is an international technology brand providing acclaimed certified software solutions for managing iGaming operations. The group has a vast product portfolio, which includes an online casino platform, casino games aggregator, an affiliate platform and a sportsbook service.

In 2013, SOFTSWISS was the first in the world to present a bitcoin-optimized online casino solution. The company is therefore considered the leading technical expert when it comes to the use of cryptocurrencies in online games.