In partnership with LivePerson, the AI ​​(Artificial Intelligence) solutions company for customer service providers, Betcris played an important role in the development and launch of LivePerson’s Spanish Natural Language Learning Machine (NLU).

As LivePerson’s NLU relies on AI and ML, Betcris was instrumental in advancing the technology. Through operator involvement, 29 new responses were rated and created, and over 100 phrases were collected from agents using AI. More than half of them are used to train the NLU.

Betcris also improved the ranking rate by 15% in 5 weeks, with a confidence score of 91% and built automation containing fully 27% of conversations.

Before starting the customer service solution design, the identification and construction of Al, as well as automation, was a manual process.

The Betcris team would have to review the transcripts of the conversations to identify the most common responses. The task’s level of difficulty increased, as Spanish is a complex language, which varies according to each region. This was a challenge when it came to building automation responses for your broader audience.

The sensitive nature and high stakes action of sports betting requires operators to be able to respond quickly to customer needs while providing a secure communication environment.

This has led to the interaction between Betcris and LivePerson, and the improvement of AI conversation tools that are able to address customer concerns.

Using ‘LivePerson’s Intent Analyzer’, the Betcris team was able to identify common phrases, build responses around them and create automation for the next scheduled maintenance to avoid unnecessary contact with agents.

The team was also able to quickly respond to site issues, receiving alerts when some pages were not loading messages correctly.

As a result, Betcris now has over 100 bots available in Spanish, English and Portuguese. All of them are now live and ready to answer the most common questions from customers.

In a press release posted on the official Betcris website, LivePerson AI Conversation Expert Chris Radanovic talked about operator involvement in the process.

“Betcris has been an exceptional partner throughout all stages of the development and launch of the LivePerson NLU in Spanish. The combination of their diligence, dedication and incredible customer experiences with our suite of innovative AI tools has already produced incredible results, and we are enthusiastic about our success so far.”