Cloudbet added Dash currency to its cryptographic casino and sports wallet in an exciting new partnership.

The Dash coin was designed to transact almost instantly, and at a fraction of a cent per transaction, making it the ideal crypto currency for use when it comes to the fast, high-frequency environment of online betting.

When betting with Dash, Cloudbet users now have the means to mitigate longer confirmation times or higher transaction fees associated with other crypto currencies.

Over the next few weeks, Dash and Cloudbet are partnering on a roadmap of activities and promotions to reward Cloudbet users who have bet with Dash, namely:

Dashback: Customers who bet with Dash at Cloudbet Casino or Live Casino this week are earning 10% of their net losses back, up to a maximum of $ 1000.

Mystery Dash Drop: A $ 10,000 donation split between some lucky players who wagered $ 50 or more with Dash in the week beginning May 24th.

Welcome bonus: New customers are eligible for a welcome bonus that corresponds to the first deposits with 100% of the deposited amount, up to 5 Dash.

Omar Hamwi, Dash’s business development leader, said: “We are excited to be working with Cloudbet, one of the most reputable names in the iGaming space. With Cloudbet’s many offerings, Dash payments make sense if you are looking to make a bet at the last minute or withdraw your winnings quickly. You won’t find a safer and faster payment method. “

Cloudbet and cryptographic currencies

Founded in 2013, Cloudbet is the world’s leading crypto cash, casino and sports betting platform. It is fully licensed and regulated with customers in more than 100 countries and was one of the first of its kind to be powered entirely by cryptographic currencies for customer deposits and withdrawals. Now supports 12 currencies on its website.

“Our philosophy is to give our community only the currencies they want, and that applies to Dash,” said Leandro Rossi, a director at Cloudbet. “We recently surveyed nearly 10,000 users worldwide for which currencies to add, and Dash was clearly a highlight.”

“We have established a reputation as one of the world’s leading cryptographic betting operators, providing unparalleled security and fast withdrawals,” said Rossi. “Dash allows us to overload our performance in this regard and we are proud to be part of this partnership.”

The Cloudbet bookmaker has gained fame with its margin odds in a multitude of markets around the world, while the Cloudbet casino has hundreds of slot machines and a live dealer experience with all classic table games.