Legalization of gambling motivates interest of Portuguese companies in Brazil

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The legalization of physical casino games in Brazil made a Portuguese operator to show its interest in the integration of the Brazilian sector. Learn more about this company and its motivations.
The online casino has been the option of Brazilians to realize the impossibility of playing their favorite games in physical spaces in the country. Operators like Royal Vegas Casino have allowed these games to reach Brazilians, with a great diversity of options and all the security, bringing, due to technological innovation, the opportunity to experience the most realistic emotions that digital can offer.

The process of legalizing physical gambling in the country, however, is also something that, without taking away the value or interest of Brazilians in virtual games, seems to be raising interest in those who enjoy this type of activity.

Although Brazilian players are also expecting the legal changes that will allow the opening of real spaces to play, it is not only the players that are showing their interest in this change and several companies have shown interest in the Brazilian market, for the creation of structures for the online game. Among these, there is a renowned Portuguese operator.

Come see the current state of physical casino gambling in Brazil, the interest in the Brazilian market and what you can expect in the future of Brazilian gambling.

The current Brazilian law on casinos

At the moment, the law that exists in Brazil on casinos – and which prohibits them in the national territory – is an obsolete law created in the 40s of the 20th century and that, since then, has not changed. Even in the online market, at the moment, a condition for digital casinos to operate is that their headquarters are abroad.

The need to modify this law has been talked about since the Temer government, having been one of the strongest arguments in the campaign of the current president, Jair Bolsonaro.

The modification of the law, to allow physical gaming in the country and regulate the digital market, should have progress in the current year of 2021.

The Portuguese example in market regulation

Portugal allows gambling in physical casinos. Even so, until 2015, its digital market was not regulated.

The regulation of the Portuguese market was carried out with the purpose of improving the forms of national taxation and combating illegal gambling, while promoting the safety of online casino players.

Portuguese interest in the Brazilian games market

The Estoril Sol group was the Portuguese company that expressed its interest in opening casinos in the Brazilian legal market.

This group manages, in Portugal, the famous Casino do Estoril and its president Mário Assis Ferreira made statements indicating that, being the Brazilian people who frequent their Portuguese spaces, it could be part of the company’s plans to open physical casinos also in Brazil.

São Paulo, Espírito Santo and Rio de Janeiro were some of the potential Brazilian cities for the opening of a resort with a casino in our country.