Clarion Gaming promotes restructuring in its management team

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Clarion Gaming promotes a restructuring of its management team

A restructuring of Clarion Gaming’s management team led to Alex Pratt being appointed managing director of the group, with Stuart Hunter taking on another leadership role with direct responsibility for all Clarion’s industry-leading events and brands.

Pratt joined Clarion following the acquisition of iGaming Business in 2016, which has since been renamed iGB. Previously, he served as the company’s publications director. “I am very happy to confirm the appointment of Stuart Hunter,” commented Pratt.

He added: “Stuart has enjoyed a long and successful career at Clarion since 2006 and worked across the events department, including retail, travel and leisure, before joining the games team.”

Hunter said his priority will be to accelerate the development of Clarion Gaming into “an integrated omni-channel service provider, first and foremost, that has live events. The overall objective is to help the global gaming industry to face the challenges posed by the ‘new normal’ and to get out of the pandemic in the best possible way ”.

He further stated: “These are extremely difficult and challenging times for many people working in the international gaming industry. The Clarion Gaming brands, comprising live and digital services, have been able to grow and succeed due to the tremendous continued support shown by our customers who work in all sectors ”.

According to Hunter, “we recognize the extreme difficulties that certain segments have and continue to face. It is my promise to ensure that the global industry is supported and consulted regarding the future direction and opportunities created by Clarion Gaming. And, I am always available to discuss any problems that affect our customers and that we can help ”.

Clarion Gaming appointments take place after Kate Chambers left

These appointments come after the departure of Kate Chambers, former managing director of Clarion Gaming, who transitioned to a consultancy role focused on the land games industry.

“As a company, we recognize the truly significant contribution that Kate has made to the Clarion Gaming portfolio and, in particular, to the development of ICE London as the most influential business-to-business gaming exhibition in the world. We will miss her and wish her all the best in the next chapter of her career, ”concluded Pratt.