Rebranding: SiGMA presents its new online brand with a more global view

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SiGMA presents its brand with a more global view

SiGMA Group is presenting its new digital brand to the world. Through a commitment to quality and years of successful operations, SiGMA has developed a strong brand, becoming a global reference in the gaming and technology sector.

The new layout points to a shift in the games industry towards a more global perspective, as well as the group’s growing international portfolio, as it launches new events on four continents.

Available in 10 languages, including French, Russian, Mandarin, Portuguese and Spanish, and with plans to add Thai, Hindi, Japanese and Korean in the coming months – SiGMA World is a centralized and accessible platform that leads to all events with coverage and global news to inform a wider audience.

“Finding synergy between high production and several translations, while maintaining quality content, has been a logistical challenge. Adaptability is a vital skill, which we were able to improve during this health crisis, allowing us to create a forward-looking website that reflects a more global gaming industry, ”said SiGMA Group founder Eman Pulis.

SiGMA Group COO Sophie Crouzet also spoke: “Last year, SiGMA recruited several new squad members, opening offices in Kiev and Manila – and our efforts are paying off. This year marks our first foray into North America, with a new office now up and running in Chicago. ”

More global vision of the company is already paying off

This new, more global vision of SiGMA is already reaping significant results, with ranking portals such as Alexa showing high engagement on the SiGMA website, making the company one of the strongest event and media sites in its category.

As such, content and news sharing is an integral part of SiGMA’s identity and SiGMA World has provided a solid platform for the industry to shape its future and present objectives to interested audiences.

Jessica Camilleri, head of SiGMA’s creative department, gave details about the visual transformation: “Thinking about our growth, our expansion and how many eyes will be on SiGMA, we took our previous concept and united all regions in this work cohesively incredible artistic ”.

The group’s media arm, SiGMA News presents a consistent and varied production of written and video content, gathering a multitude of material from news to interviews with industry leaders.

“We are excited to reveal our redesigned website to our audience. Creating quality content remains a top priority for the company, which is why we invest significant resources in the media division – featuring a team of highly competent translators, “said Katy Micallef, head of content.

About SiGMA College

In addition, the site also houses the company’s latest initiative, SiGMA College, launched through the company’s charity arm, the SiGMA Foundation. The free college offers a complete portfolio of interactive eLearning courses, providing opportunities in the gaming, blockchain and emerging technology sectors.

“Through this free online education tool, SiGMA aims to bring more than just good deals to the places where it operates. We are fulfilling our commitment to improve the space in which we work “, said the event director, Emily Micallef.

The iGaming industry is growing and expanding at an impressive rate. Therefore, people who entered the market more than 10 years ago may feel the need to seek knowledge in certain areas. That’s why SiGMA College is offering in-game training!

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