BgC Digital Experience will offer update on the gambling market in the country

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BgC Digital Experience will offer updates of the gambling market in the country
Photo: BgC 2019 (Flavio Figueiredo / iGaming Brazil)

This year, the Brazilian Gaming Congress (BgC) will gain a completely online format, the BgC Digital Experience on December 8 and 9, from 10 am to 1 pm (Brasília time). Recalling that this is an event on the gaming market that has been taking place since 2013, debating the release and regulation of the sector in Brazil.

Organized by Clarion Events, BgC will have a broad agenda and a networking tool that will allow participants to hold business meetings and exchange experiences about the segment.

“We have been in contact with suppliers, operators and other professionals who intend to operate in this market and there is a demand for updates on what is happening in terms of regulation. Clarion has always been the spokesperson for these trends, and now it will be no different ”, highlighted the general director of Clarion in Brazil, Sergio Jardim.

BgC Digital Experience Agenda

The event will begin with Waldir Eustáquio Marques Junior, undersecretary of Prizes and Sweepstakes from the Ministry of Economy, who will join a panel together with the gaming specialist and president of the Panamerican Confederation of Sports Poker (CPPD), Igor “Federal” Trafane. The focus of the conversation will be the status of the Sports Betting regulation, approved in December 2018.

“Another important issue that we need to talk to the market about is the prospects for State Lotteries after the STF decision that imposed the end of the Union monopoly for the operation of lotteries”, said Waldir, who will also participate in a specific panel on the subjects.

“We have been consulted by several states on how things will be after the change and this event will be an opportunity to guide the market in general,” he added.

The panel will be opened by lawyer Roberto Carvalho Brasil Fernandes, who filed ADPF 493 with the Federal Supreme Court (STF). He will comment on the decision, which, although not a ‘carte blanche’, ensures autonomy for the states to operate the lottery activity.

On the second day, the program will focus on the projects that are underway in the Federal Congress regarding the resumption of casinos in Brazil. One of the defenders of the agenda, Senator Angelo Coronel (PSD / BA), has already confirmed his participation in BgC.

Gambling sector news will have a new space

Other topics that will be addressed refer to the boom of new categories in the betting sector, such as eSports, Virtual Gaming, among other sports that gained a lot of strength after the stoppage of most traditional modalities due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

The purpose will be to analyze what has changed in the bettors’ profile and how operators can deal with and prepare for the next market news. Registration for BgC can be made here.