Pay4Fun improves user experience with App

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Pay4Fun App facilitates access to the company's digital wallet for users

Recently, the Pay4Fun App was presented to the Brazilian public, in order to facilitate access to the company’s digital wallet.

With that in mind, Pay4Fun signed an agreement with the digital onboarding platform Idwall, in order to detail the operation of the software to its users, making everything much simpler and faster, as well as valuing safety in use.

User experience on the Pay4Fun App

Receiving a new user, guiding until the completion of registration and operation in your portfolio in a simplified way is the priority objective of Pay4Fun App.

According to the Market Analysis on Digital Banks, promoted by Idwall, the evaluation of the user throughout the process of associating with an institution directly influences the desire to continue as a customer of that company.

The study shows that a simple process has great potential to be recognized as a competitive differential today, in addition to having the possibility to reduce customer loyalty expenses.

The information reveals that four out of ten user registrations in digital solutions are not finalized and that approximately 17% of people do not finish this process because of some technical failure.

Pay4Fun optimizes process for customers

Because of this, Pay4Fun is optimizing the entry process on its platform, since millions of Brazilians do not yet have bank accounts or are not fully served by traditional banks.

Compared to the customer registration system for digital financial solutions, the Idwall study found that on average, clicks, fields and screens in different ways can make it difficult to retain these users on an online platform.

In the table below, it is clear that companies that use registrations have a higher average number of clicks and also more fields than institutions that adopt the other formats indicated:

Calculating the average clicks, fields and screens in the years 2019 and 2020, the panorama found is as follows:

Therefore, Pay4Fun presents a fast and simple way of attracting customers, becoming a satisfactory solution today, as well as a very efficient alternative for integrated partners.