Ecuadorian Football League Officials Agreement with Stats Perform

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Ecuadorian Football League Officials Agreement with Stats Perform
Photo: Twitter LigaPro

The Professional Football League of Ecuador (LigaPro) has chosen sports technology company Stats Perform as its official partner for exclusive data for national championships in the first and second divisions.

Stats Perform’s Opta and RunningBall data brands will exclusively offer quick data to licensed betting operators, broadcasters, fantasy sports platforms and portals linked to the sports leagues themselves.

Therefore, the company’s Integrity Unit was also chosen to help ensure the credibility of football competitions. The activity slows down the monitoring of betting markets at a global level, in addition to the implementation of an intelligence program and performance integrity assessment service.

Miguel Ángel Loor, the president of LigaPro, stated that “we are excited to work with Stats Perform. Not only will they support us in preventing game manipulation and betting fraud, but Stats Perform’s excellence in collecting deep, accurate and fast data, together with its unmatched distribution network, will help us engage fans globally and develop the sport that we love ”.

The agreement signed with the Football League in Ecuador follows the recent news that Stats Perform has also acquired the exclusive betting rights and data related to the Brazilian Championship.

In addition, the company’s offer also covers tournaments promoted by Conmebol, La Liga, the French Championship and several other sporting events spread around the world.

About Stats Perform

Stats is a sports-related data and content company. Recalling that the company was founded in 1981.

Since then, Stats LLC has its official headquarters located in Northbrook, Illinois, with corporate offices in London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing, Bangalore, Dubai, The Hague, Mexico City, Chicago and New York and Los Angeles.