Better Collective Acquires Atemi Group for € 44 Million

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Better Collective Acquires Atemi Group for € 44 Million

Better Collective continued its current strategy by acquiring the Atemi Group online affiliate for € 44 million.

Atemi Group is described as one of the largest companies in the world, specializing in generating leads for online games through paid media and social media advertising.

Of the total, £ 32.5 million (£ 41.9 million) will be paid in advance. While the remaining £ 7.5 million will be paid in quarterly installments by the end of 2021.

Better Collective’s main strategic objectives for this action include access to the main traffic acquisition channels, social media platforms, the opportunity to expand into new markets and the chance to significantly increase its new customer volume.

Better Collective CEO Jesper Søgaard said: “The acquisition is a very important step towards achieving our strategic goal of becoming the largest sports betting aggregator in the world”.

He added: “Atemi Group has been on an impressive growth journey since the company’s founding in 2015, and has reached the scale necessary to be competitive and profitable in paid media.”

Atemi Group founder Richard Skelhorn also spoke out. “We have built a very successful affiliate gaming business over the past five years at Atemi. All credit goes to the incredible team and now we are excited to be joining Better Collective. I am sure it will take us to the next level.”

About Better Collective

Better Collective is a sports betting media group that develops platforms for the iGaming industry.

Through its products, the company aims to make sports betting and games increasingly fun, transparent and fair for the global network of online gamblers.

With 16 years of experience in the sector, the company currently has 12 offices and around 400 employees.