FIFPRO and FIFA Sign Agreement to Combat Match-Fixing

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FIFPRO and FIFA Sign Agreement to Combat Match-Fixing
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The International Federation of Professional Football Players Associations (FIFPRO) signed an agreement with FIFA to combat match-fixing in football.

According to the agreement, both organizations will endorse software that will facilitate anonymous reporting of suspicious and irregular movements in the sport.

FIFPRO has an application called ‘Red Button’ and will distribute it to players through affiliated associations. The mechanism will work in conjunction with existing programs, such as FIFA Integrity APP and BKMS, and also with other means of monitoring the modality.

The Finnish player organization created the Red Button in partnership with the local government. Since then, the app is considered the best tool available for anonymous reports.

FIFPRO app to be included in FIFA’s global alert system

Under the contract, FIFA will recognize the Red Button as a valid alert tool. The top football organization will also officially investigate every information received through the app.

“We are pleased that FIFA has agreed to endorse the Red Button application that FIFPRO is making available to professional football players through our associations. We are confident that it will strengthen football and the public authorities in the fight against the manipulation of results ”, said Roy Vermeer, legal director of FIFPRO.

He added: “With players facing disciplinary action for not reporting every match-fixing approach, there must be a way to do so without fear of putting their families and careers in danger. The Red Button provides this facility and will help players manage that risk ”.

Oliver Jaberg, from FIFA’s Legal and Compliance Department, also spoke. “Protecting the integrity of football and ensuring that all participants can play in a safe environment is one of FIFA’s priorities,” he said.

Jaberg also stressed that “the collaboration with FIFPRO and its Red Button application will provide players with another important and easy-to-use platform for confidentially reporting any concerns they may have”.

According to the FIFA representative, collaborative work at all levels of football is a fundamental part of “FIFA’s approach to protecting the integrity of the sport. And, we hope to collaborate with FIFPRO in this new initiative ”.

This post is also available in: Português (Portuguese (Brazil))