Loteria americana faz mais uma milionária
Imagem: DC Lottery / Divulgação

Washington, D.C. resident Sherri Fowler‘s life hit the jackpot in a twist that millions of people dream about every day, but few ever experience. In an almost unbelievable twist of fate, Fowler won $250,000 on a scratch-off lottery ticket.

So far it’s great, but the unbelievable thing is that four months earlier she had already won a prize of US$50,000 (R$271 thousand).

Sherri asked her children to check the lottery ticket

The lucky lady purchased her winning DC Lottery ticket at a “Nothing But Cash” at the Sherman Avenue Chevron Station. So, when remembering the moment the award was revealed, Fowler couldn’t hide his excitement.

“I was in the store and I started screaming. I couldn’t believe it. I had to ask my kids to check it again.”

The first prize came via a “Take it all” ticket, purchased at the “Harvard Liquors” store. But now, with the new amount in hand, Fowler already has well-defined plans for how to use the money: “This time, I’m going to buy a car.”

Lady Luck seems to have chosen Fowler as her favorite. It brought not only joy, but also the opportunity to make dreams come true and invest in long-awaited desires.

This extraordinary case is a fascinating reminder of the lottery‘s power to transform lives. While some gamble for years without success, others find their fortune suddenly.

But what they all have in common is the hope that each ticket carries and the dream of having a better life with just a few lucky numbers.

Here in Brazil for the weekend the highlight is Quina de São João with a record prize of R$ 220 million. Bets can be placed both at lotteries and on Loterias Caixa platforms. Good luck!