São paulo abre nova concessão para loterias
Imagem: Governo do Estado de São Paulo / Divulgação

More than 11 thousand state lottery offices are about to open in the state of São Paulo. There will be new service stations for the population and players.

Furthermore, other departments, such as Health and Education, will benefit from the revenue from the new state lotteries.

STF paved the way for state lotteries

Since the Federal Supreme Court (STF), in 2020, authorized states to manage their own lotteries, several requests for concessions have emerged. Therefore, this break in the federal monopoly helped increase state revenue.

Thus, in 2022, the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo (Alesp) approved the state system with a view to creating new sources of revenue. The state expects to raise approximately R$3.4 billion with the concession. Health should be the main beneficiary of this money.

The future concessionaire will have the task of offering services in the form of predictions and instant lottery, both in a physical and virtual environment. The decision on which services to offer will be up to the winner of the auction.

Technical studies indicate a strategic distribution of points of sale throughout the state, with an estimate of 5,500 units in the capital alone, based on the proportion of one point for every 2,750 inhabitants. The expansion of these points aims to maximize the service and accessibility of betting.

Furthermore, there is an obligation for the concessionaire to install at least 31 exclusive points across the administrative regions of the state. Therefore, these locations must be easy to identify and must also respect specific rules, such as staying away from educational institutions.

Lottery concession notice

But it’s not just about physical lotteries. According to the proposal, there would also be space for those interested in online betting. In other words, through websites and applications, expanding the possibility of profit by increasing the reach and, consequently, the number of bettors.

The concession of state lotteries is part of a larger package from the Government of São Paulo, which includes 13 auctions planned until the end of 2024. The notice has already been released (HERE) and the auction is scheduled to take place from August. Therefore, Arsesp will be the entity responsible for monitoring and supervising the services granted.

The new concessionaire will assume not only the responsibilities but also the risks associated with the operation of gaming modalities. With the freedom to choose which games to explore, the grant represents a valuable opportunity for both the private sector and for financing essential public policies.