Foto: Divulgação / Lottopar

Last week, Curitiba was the stage for the launch of Raspinha, promoted by the company, responsible for the Instantaneous Lottery in Paraná. The event marked the introduction of the new lottery option in the state, regulated and authorized by Lottopar.

Daniel Romanowski, CEO of Lottopar, expressed his satisfaction with the event, highlighting the transformation of a dream into reality.

“What seemed like an unattainable dream today has become reality. Mainly for those who follow the lottery market in Brazil.

We were already aware of the challenges and our motto here in Paraná is not to discuss ideology, but rather methodology, with this we brought the best global practices to our State and today we have a reference state lottery with social return for the people of Paraná”.

João Mota, CEO of, explained the decision to invest in Paraná, citing not only the population density and territorial extension, but mainly the regulatory rigor and excellence of the state’s Lotteries as determining factors.

“Well, people think, Paraná attracted a lot of attention due to its population of 12 million inhabitants, with a very large territory, but that was not the reason for choosing it, it was because of the level of regulation and the high level of Paraná Lotteries”, declared João Mota.

Lottopar’s commitment: transactions, safe and responsible gaming

Security in lottery transactions was addressed by Roberto Reaginini, representative of Paybrokers, praising Lottopar’s commitment to Safe Gaming and Responsible Gaming. He highlighted the measures implemented to guarantee the integrity of the games, thus guaranteeing a safe experience for players from Paraná.

Walter Delfraro Junior, executive at Laboratório GLI Brasil, praised Lottopar’s pioneering spirit in accrediting testing and certification laboratories

“We were the first accredited laboratory in Brazil and thanks to the pioneering work of Lottopar, it was the first lottery in Brazil to accredit testing and certification laboratories for the gaming and lottery industry. That’s why I congratulate Daniel Romanowski’s entire team for this pioneering work”, he highlighted.

The Scratch Card, like an instant lottery, offers immediate results to players. Tickets, available at several physical points of sale, can be purchased for R$2.50.

Quick games include “Aposta Certa”, “Billiards”, “Strike” and “Tic Tac Toe”. Furthermore, it is following the “You Found It” system, with thousands of prizes ranging from R$2.50 to R$60,000.00.