Lottopar e a raspinha
Imagem: Lottopar / Divulgação

The company has successfully completed the integration of its lottery systems into the Lottopar platform, authorized to sell the instant lottery in Paraná.

Therefore, after the concession on the Stock Exchange, we signed the service order authorizing the sale of this lottery product. The initial term is 10 years, which can be extended for an equal period.

Lottopar is the one who will supervise the ‘Raspinha’ operation

Instant lottery cards will cost R$2.50, with prizes ranging from R$2.50 to R$60,000.00. From Friday (7), you will be able to check the points of sale on the Lottopar portal.

Soon, will launch the website so that bettors can consult sales outlets authorized by Lottopar. Initially, the sale will only be physical, with the digital version of the “scratch card” expected to operate in a second phase.

According to Lottopar’s CEO, Daniel Romanowski, the scratch card will be operated by and supervised by Lottopar, providing a new form of safe and reliable entertainment for the people of Paraná.

The company paid R$15 million in fixed grants for the operation, with a contract providing for variable grants for investments in housing, public security and social actions by the Government of Paraná.

Fabio Veiga, Operations Director at Lottopar, states that the instant lottery represents an evolution of the Lottopar process, offering a new safe and reliable entertainment option to the people of Paraná.

Scratch card is the 1st regulated lottery in Paraná

The scratch card is a type of game with an immediate result, where the bettor knows if the ticket is a winner by scratching the hidden fields, which reveal combinations of symbols that determine the prizes.

The quick games available will be: “Aposta Certa”, “Billiards”, Strike” and “Jogo da Velha”, all following the “found it, won” system.

João Motta, CEO of, highlights the responsibility and pride of being the first regulated instant lottery in the State of Paraná. Thus, according to him, the scratch card is a guarantee of a safe game, attractive and regulated prizes, with part of the profits going to the society of Paraná.

Therefore, the integration phase guarantees the security of lottery operations in the State, connecting the dealers’ systems to the Lottopar platform. In this way, this will allow real-time monitoring of operations, preventing situations that could interfere with the safety of games for bettors.