Loterias da Caixa

The CEO of Caixa Loterias, Lucíola Aor Vasconcelos participates in a hearing in the Chamber of Deputies, this Tuesday (04), with the Financial Inspection and Control Commission.

The subject is controversial, as it involves federal lotteries. In other words, a possible transfer of the operations of these lotteries to a Caixa subsidiary company. The event takes place in plenary 9 and the person responsible for the debate is deputy Tadeu Veneri (PT-PR).

But this is not the first time that the topic has been debated, it was already on the agenda at a recent meeting of the company’s Board of Directors.

Social impact of Caixa Lotteries

Thus, deputy Veneri expresses concern about the measure: “Approximately 40% of the profits from Caixa lotteries go to investments in health, education and social projects.”

In 2023, they allocated R$9.2 billion from lotteries (total R$23.4 billion) to health departments, social projects and education.

In Brazil, federal lotteries are a monopoly of Caixa, which is a public bank. But in 2016, someone tried to break the monopoly, resulting in the creation of Lotex. Initially, the objective was to transfer the operation and go public.

After two failed auctions in 2019, the Estrela consortium was selected. However, the consortium withdrew from the operation and ended up not performing the service.

Change of Statute

Therefore, faced with the withdrawal, Caixa changed the status of Lotex, transforming it into Caixa Loterias. According to Veneri, this was a “more robust attempt to privatize their control”.

In August 2023, a new decree allowed Caixa to operate Lotex again. The popular scratch card is expected to relaunch in the coming months, offering an instant way to win cash prizes.