Loterias acumuladas
Foto: Agência Brasil / Wilson Dias

Eight Caixa Lotteries games are accumulated at the beginning of the week. +Milionária, which still has no winners after 149 draws, can pay R$ 214 million next Wednesday (29).

Furthermore, the Mega-Sena has been accumulated for six draws and can pay R$75 million this Tuesday (28). But Lotofácil, Quina, Timemania and Super Sete can also distribute millionaire prizes.

Lottery draws

In addition to Quina, four other games will be drawn this Monday. They are: Lotomania, Dupla Sena, Super Sete and Lotofácil. Check below this week’s Caixa Lotteries draws and the expected prizes.


  • Predicted prize for the next contest: R$214 million
  • Next draws: Wednesday (29th) and Saturday (1st)


  • Predicted prize for the next contest: R$75 million
  • Next draws: Tuesday (28th) and Saturday (1st)


  • Predicted prize for the next contest: R$5 million
  • Upcoming draws: from Monday (27th) to Saturday (1st), except Thursday (30th)


  • Predicted prize for the next contest: R$600 thousand
  • Next draws: Monday (27), Wednesday (29) and Friday (31)

Where and how to bet

Betting on Caixa Lotteries is easy and can be done in several ways. So, you can go to a lottery outlet, choose your favorite game and fill in the card with your lucky numbers.

There are several types of lotteries available. Each of these lotteries has specific rules and prizes. For example, in Mega-Sena, you choose six to 15 numbers and compete for millionaire prizes. With Lotofácil, it is possible to dial 15 to 20 numbers. So, pay attention to the rules.

In addition to these, you can also bet through the Loterias Caixa app, available for Android and iOS, in addition to Caixa’s official website. So, both on the website and on the app, just register, choose the desired lottery and mark your numbers.

Bets can be placed up to one hour before each draw. So, pay attention to the schedules! Good luck!