Fenae reafirma oposição à transferência das Loterias da Caixa
Foto: Marcelo Camargo/Agência Brasil

The decision by the Caixa Board of Directors (CA/Caixa) to vote next Monday (15) on the transfer of the lottery operation to a subsidiary company has generated concern and resistance from the National Federation of Caixa Staff Associations (Fenae).

Under the leadership of President Sergio Takemoto, Fenae reiterates its position against the proposal, emphasizing the potential social harm resulting from this measure.

The president of Fenae highlights that the transfer of lottery operations to a subsidiary represents more than a simple internal reorganization.

“Transferring operations to a subsidiary is opening the doors to privatization and putting the fate of these resources at risk. If privatized, this billion-dollar sum, currently reverted to the benefit of society, will be diverted to the profit of businesspeople”, warns the president of Fenae, Sergio Takemoto.

“Transferring lotteries means compromising the population’s access to education and development opportunities,” he added.

In 2023, for example, around R$9.2 billion from lottery revenues were directed to these areas, contributing significantly to social policies and programs such as Fies.

Fenae’s positioning

Fenae has demonstrated its contrary position since becoming aware of the discussions on the subject.

In addition to demonstrations and sending letters to the government, the federation also held a public hearing at the National Congress. In this way, to discuss the impacts of transferring lotteries.

Concern about the population’s access to development and educational opportunities motivates these efforts against the privatization of lotteries.

Takemoto calls on not only Caixa employees, but the entire society to mobilize against this measure, emphasizing the social duty of preserving resources destined for social areas.

“It will be irreparable damage to the social areas that receive revenue. Therefore, it is extremely important that Caixa employees and society as a whole intensify mobilizations with parliamentarians to engage in this fight. It is a social duty”, highlighted Takemoto.