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Deputy Felipe Mota (União) raised questions in relation to the State Government’s message, which proposes to include the operation of lottery services in the duties of the Companhia de Participação e Gestão de Ativos do Ceará (CearaPar).

This happened during the first session of the plenary session of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Ceará. Held this Wednesday (10). The objective is to optimize the management of state public assets and increase revenue collection. Mota expressed his intention to request reviews of the matter from the relevant committees.

According to the parliamentarian, until then, the company’s responsibility was restricted to the administration of the State’s assets and assets.

However, with the introduction of the 23/24 message, which began its processing at Alece, the possibility of regulating the so-called “state lotteries” opens up.

Statements by parliamentarians about CearaPar

Deputy Felipe Mota (União) argued: “They are proposing that the State of Ceará take over the regulation of games whose nature we still do not know, whether they are related to illicit activities or powerful groups.

We already have federal lotteries and games, and now we intend to delegate the management of state lotteries to third parties. However, the State will not maintain absolute control over these games.”

Felipe Mota questioned whether this measure would not open a loophole for an increase in money laundering. And so, he urged the other deputies to thoroughly examine the full content of the proposal.

“How can we get on this platform to demand the fight against crime if we approve provisions that, in the end, will contribute to the increase in money laundering in Ceará?”, he pondered.

The deputy expressed concern about the message, fearing that it would transfer responsibility for the guarantee fund without public debate about its fate.

“For this reason, I will request views, so that we can present an amendment and speak with the Government leader to clarify where the resources from these lotteries will be directed”.

We need to ensure organized management and not leave things to chance. Otherwise, this will become a battle of interests and encourage money laundering programs,” he said.

Deputy Sergeant Reginauro (União) – Plenary of Alece – Photo: Paulo Rocha

Deputy Sergeant Reginauro (União), in turn, highlighted the importance of paying special attention to the message from the Government of Ceará, as well as the need for a thorough review and broad debate by parliamentarians.

“It is essential to examine this matter carefully and judiciously. We must prevent it from being processed urgently, so that all deputies have the opportunity to analyze and discuss it comprehensively. In this way, ensuring that wrong decisions are not made”, he stated.