Edital para loterias no Paraná
Imagem: Lottopar / Divulgação

Companies that wish to obtain a license to operate lotteries in the form of numerical predictions, passive predictions, sports predictions and specific predictions (in physical and/or virtual media) have until Wednesday, April 10th, to register for the notice and carry out sending the required documentation.

At this stage, Lottopar’s Special Accreditation Committee will analyze the documentation received. The Lottery Commission of the State of Paraná, with the support of B3 S.A. – Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão, will conduct all stages of the Notice.

Types of lotteries

B3, the Brazilian Stock Exchange, is also providing support to Lottopar‘s Special Accreditation Committee in document analysis.

The signing of the contract and issuance of the service order will take place at the Stock Exchange headquarters in São Paulo, scheduled for June.

Numerical prediction is the lottery modality in which the bettor tries to predict what the numbers drawn in the contest will be. The passive type is the lottery modality in which the player purchases the ticket already numbered.

The specific prediction is the lottery modality in which the bettor indicates numbers from a set of predictions on whole numbers and possibly the symbol or name of a sporting entity.

Sports forecasting is the modality in which the bettor tries to predict the outcome of sporting events.

Then, send by email ([email protected]) any questions about any provision of this notice (attachments and accreditation procedures).

Lottopar actions

Lottopar has specialized in security and followed international best practices in Responsible Gaming.

Therefore, the entity launched a booklet on the topic and carried out training for employees with the aim of improving supervision.

Furthermore, Lottopar adopted measures such as:

  • Inform bettors about the real probabilities of winning
  • Guidance on moderation in betting
  • Prevent people under 18 from placing bets
  • Prohibit betting payments with credit cards to avoid debt

Therefore, those interested in exploring lotteries can consult the notice HERE.