Last Tuesday (20), representatives from Lottopar met in Brasília with members of the recently created Secretariat for Prizes and Bets of the Federal Government. The secretariat is linked to the Ministry of Finance.

Daniel Romanowski, CEO of Lottopar, expressed optimism about the effectiveness of federal regulation, taking as an example the success achieved in Paraná.

“We hope that Federal regulation is as successful as Paraná’s, thus bringing more security to the national sports betting market”, he highlighted.

He also emphasized Lottopar’s commitment to following legal guidelines, such as those related to territoriality.

From the beginning of Lottopar’s structuring process, Fabio Veiga, operations director, mentioned the search for best international practices for implementation in the state.

He highlights the synergy with the Prizes and Betting Secretariat, and the desire to collaborate with the Federal Government for good practices in Paraná.

Rafael Halila, technical director, highlighted the importance of the strategic meeting with the Federal Government’s Prizes and Betting Secretariat.

He emphasized not only discussing current regulations but also looking for future updates and collaborations. According to Halita, the intention is to promote transparency and efficiency in the sector.

The meeting was attended by Lottopar representatives:

  • Daniel Romanowski (President Director),
  • Fabio Veiga (Operations Director),
  • Rafael Halila (Technical Director);

And, from the Prizes and Betting Secretariat:

  • Simone Vicentini (Deputy Secretary),
  • Renato Perez Pucci (General Systems Coordinator of the Undersecretariat for Monitoring and Inspection),
  • Marcelo Damato (Advisor).

Lottopar actions

Furthermore, since 2023, Lottopar has strengthened ties with Federal Government bodies, including the Financial Activities Control Council (COAF). The objective, therefore, is to reinforce existing practices and implement anti-money laundering measures.

In February this year, Lottopar qualified in the Financial Activities Control System (Siscoaf), which obliges sports betting companies authorized to operate in Paraná to report suspicious activities involving sports betting, increasing transparency in the state lottery market.