Imagem: Powerball / Divulgação

A group of 30 current and former employees at a high school in Kentucky, USA, had their fortunes transformed when they won an impressive $1 million prize in the Powerball lottery.

Each member of the group received about $24,000, the result of a joint investment in lottery tickets over eight years.

The lucky ones included county counselors, administrative staff, special education teachers and others, who came together to form a lottery betting group.

Professor kept winning lottery ticket in unusual place

So since 2019, they have regularly played with the same set of numbers, holding out hope of one day being rewarded for their persistence. And that persistence finally paid off.

Although the winners prefer to remain anonymous, they agreed to have their photo taken for the lottery. According to reports, the group’s organizer, a retired mathematics teacher, was the one who noticed the incredible victory the day after the draw.

So, to guarantee the safety of the winning ticket, the teacher decided to keep it in an unusual place: inside a mathematics book, on page 200.

This peculiar precaution proved effective, keeping the note away from prying eyes until it was officially claime

The victory celebration took place at Rector A. Jones Middle School in Florence, where group members gathered to share their joy and gratitude.

But despite the generous prize, the winners expressed their intention to keep the tradition of participating in the lottery alive as a form of fun and camaraderie.

Some of the lucky ones already have plans for their earnings, which range from investments to travel and improvements to their homes.

However, everyone agreed that this big win will not stop them from continuing to bet. Because, literally, what is at stake is not just the prize itself, but the connection and bond that the group has shared over the years.

So the story of Kentucky educators serves as a moving reminder that sometimes persistence and friendship can lead to great rewards. Even in the most unexpected ways, like winning the lottery.