Imagem: Agência Brasil / Rafa Neddermeyer

The Mega-Sena contest 2686, held by Caixa Econômica Federal on Thursday (8), had no winners, generating the prize accumulation to R$44 million, to be drawn on Saturday (10).

In the draw, held at Espaço da Sorte in São Paulo, the numbers drawn were: 06-12-20-41-43-59.

How much did those who got 5 or 4 tens win?

According to Caixa, 56 bets matched five numbers, guaranteeing a prize of R$52,029.49 each. Furthermore, 3,301 bets matched four numbers, resulting in a prize of R$1,260.93 per bettor.

A single Mega-Sena bet costs R$5 and can be placed until 7pm (Brasília time) on the day of the draw. Thus, bets can be placed both at lottery outlets and online, through the Loterias Caixa app or website.

The probability of hitting a simple six-number bet is one in more than 50 million. In a bet with seven numbers, which costs R$35. But the chance of success improves and the chances of winning the prize increase to one in 7.1 million.

The largest regular prize ever awarded by Mega-Sena occurred on October 1, 2022, in contest 2,525, when two winners shared R$317,853,788.53.

At that time, the Mega-Sena had been accumulated for 14 consecutive contests.

How to bet on Mega-Sena

To play, interested parties can follow the following steps:

From the site:

  1. Access the Loterias Online website.
  2. Confirm your age of majority and log in or register.
  3. Select the Mega-Sena and choose your tens.
  4. Choose whether you want to bet with more numbers and activate the surprise and/or stubborn option.
  5. After selection, add bets to the cart and proceed to payment.
  6. Enter your credit card details and confirm the purchase.
  7. After the draw, check your bets and the procedures for withdrawing the prize.

Via the app:

  1. Download the Loterias Caixa app (Android / IOS).
  2. Log in or register.
  3. Then, locate Mega-Sena on the home screen and click on “bet”.
  4. Choose your tens and set other options if desired.
  5. Add bets to cart and proceed to payment method.
  6. Finally, enter your card details and complete the bet.
  7. After the draw, check the result in “my bets” in the app.