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Lottopar reinforces security in sports betting to curb irregularities


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The Lottery of the State of Paraná (Lottopar) reached a significant milestone by being authorized in the Financial Activities Control System (Siscoaf) as a regulator, thus strengthening its position as a managing and monitoring body for sports betting in the State.

Therefore, companies authorized to operate in this sector will now be required to report suspicious activities. The measure will provide greater security and integrity to the local lottery scene.

How will Lottopar’s inspection work?

The recent publication of Communiqué Siscoaf 90 by the Financial Activities Control Council (Coaf) highlights Lottopar’s commitment to adopting best practices to guarantee a safe, healthy and fraud-free lottery market.

This initiative also aims to transform sports betting into a form of entertainment with positive social returns.

The inclusion of Lottopar in Siscoaf makes it possible to confidentially inform control bodies about suspicious activities related to money laundering. This action represents a fundamental step in combating illicit practices in the world of sports betting.

Therefore, Lottopar’s role as supervisor is crucial, as it ensures that authorized dealers adopt the measures determined in the recently published ordinance. These measures include:

Daniel Romanowski, CEO of Lottopar, emphasizes that sports betting should be seen as safe and healthy entertainment and not as a means of illicit activities.

Therefore, cooperation with authorities is crucial to maintaining the lottery market in the state as a reliable entertainment option.

Siscoaf’s role in the process

The Financial Activities Control System (Siscoaf) is a fundamental tool in this process.

As it is a restricted access portal, it requires entities to have the opportunity to fulfill their communication duties, as established in Federal Law No. 9,613/1998.

Therefore, in practice, sports betting companies authorized in Paraná must now use, in real time, the management platform and payment method established by Lottopar.

Full integration of systems, whether physical or virtual, becomes mandatory, allowing the authority to inspect and monitor possible suspicious activities.

Then, betting sites will have direct communication with Lottopar and will be able to report via Siscoaf any suspicious activities in the usual pattern of bettors.

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