The Mega Millions prize in the USA reached an impressive US$187 million, equivalent to almost R$918 million.

The draw is scheduled for this Friday, January 12th, offering the opportunity to turn all financial goals for the year 2024 into reality.

Certainly to win a prize of this size you need to have the courage to play, after all, only those who participate win. Previously, the only way to play the American lottery was to travel to the country to get your tickets.

Now, some platforms allow not only Brazilians to participate in the draw in the United States, but also people from anywhere in the world. All this to purchase official tickets conveniently through online play.

TheLotter spokesperson highlighted in a previous edition of the draw the legality and safety of participating in the draw from Brazil. “Brazilians can legally participate in Mega Millions draws.

American lotteries and Mega Millions prizes

Famous for accumulating billion-dollar prizes, American lotteries, including the renowned Mega Millions, have already broken a world record of US$1.6 billion (approximately R$8 billion).

Furthermore, these lotteries start with minimum prizes of US$20 million, which is equivalent to almost 100 million reais.

Both American and Brazilian lotteries make dreams come true and transform the lives of thousands of people. However, only American lotteries are able to offer such impressive prizes to citizens around the world.

What happens when you win?

Prizes below $200,000 are deposited directly into your bank account through the entire process.

When you win the jackpot, that is, the main prize of Mega Millions, you will need to withdraw the prize in the United States.