Ex-BBB Paulinha Leite revela 'truque' para se dar bem na Mega da Virada

Influencer Paulinha Leite gave tips about Mega da Virada. She won R$3 million the last time she played the lottery.

The 36-year-old former BBB, who has won more than 50 times in the lottery, explained how Brazilians can do well in Mega da Virada.

Mega da Virada is the traditional draw on the last day of the year that brings a prize estimated at R$550 million.

Paulinha Leite is an ace at Mega da Virada

According to the influencer: “the person has to play believing they are capable. They have to play to win.”

Many people come to me and say: ‘Wow, I wanted to win the lottery like you so much, but I never played because I don’t believe in it’. “With that mindset, will be impossible”.

Furthermore, the former participant of the global reality show says: “The tip is to pay attention to the numbers that will appear to you during the day, use the birthday of the people closest to you or a number that you really like and set up your games.”

“I’ve been doing this and it’s been working for a long time,” he added.

Who is Paulinha Leite?

Born in Roraima, Paulinha has always been fascinated by numbers.

As a child, his favorite subjects at school were always those involving math. As an adult, she became an avid gambler and created a company specializing in jackpots.

In 2011, she participated in the 11th edition of Big Brother Brasil. After leaving the reality show, he gained prominence for the frequency with which he won the lottery.

In September 2023, for example, she won almost R$3 million in Lotofácil da Independência.

In August 2023, Paulinha announced her engagement to North American Dakota Ballard. The couple appeared together for the first time at the end of 2022, in California.

How to play at Mega da Virada?

To compete for the R$550 million Mega da Virada prize, interested parties need to select 6 to 20 numbers out of the 60 available.

It is also possible to let the system choose the numbers at random, in a so-called “surprise”, or play in groups, in a pool.