Foto: Richard Chasko

The state of Paraná witnessed a significant moment in the sports betting industry with the start of operations led by Lottopar.

Daniel Romanowski, CEO of Lottopar, in a series of interviews with various media outlets, detailed this important milestone.

He emphasized the crucial role of the Lottopar team and the support of key figures in the state government in the success of this venture.

“Without the joint work of our entire Lottopar team, the partnership with some bodies of the Government of Paraná and the full support of Governor Ratinho Junior and the Secretary of State for Administration and Pensions (SEAP), Elisandro Frigo, the success starting these sports betting operations would not be possible. Our team was tireless”, highlighted Romanowski.

Strategies and partnerships for Lottopar’s success

The strategy adopted by Lottopar to launch sports betting in Paraná was multifaceted, involving not only the implementation of advanced technologies and secure systems, but also the formation of strategic partnerships with government bodies.

The collaboration between Lottopar and government bodies was crucial to successfully launch four sports betting sites in Paraná.

Impact and future perspectives

Interviews with Romanowski offer valuable insights into the future of sports betting in Paraná.

Lottopar, under his leadership, is committed to developing a sustainable and responsible sports betting market, aligned with industry best practices.

The initiative not only represents a significant advance for the sports betting market in Paraná, but also establishes a model for other Brazilian states to consider.

Sports betting and economic development

The start of sports betting in Paraná promises to boost local economic development, in addition to offering entertainment and sports engagement.

Revenue generation and job creation are important aspects of this initiative, offering new opportunities for the state’s economy.

Lottopar and the Government of Paraná have opened new possibilities for sports betting fans with the successful launch of operations in the state.

The commitment to safety, integrity and sustainable market development are the pillars of this initiative, promising a promising future for the sector in Paraná.