Inovação no setor de apostas LOTEP Lança Edital para Quota Fixa
Foto: Divulgação/LOTEP

The Paraíba State Lottery (LOTEP) took a significant step forward in the gambling market with the launch of an accreditation notice.

Published in the Official State Gazette, the notice seeks to select legal companies to develop the exploration of lottery products in the form of fixed-odd betting.

This movement is aligned with State Decree n.41.037/21, Decree-Law n.204/67 and Federal Law n. 8,666/93.

Accreditation and expansion of LOTEP services

The notice aims to accredit qualified companies to develop and explore the ‘fixed quota’ product in the State of Paraíba.

This modality is provided for in federal legislation (Federal Law No. 13,756/2018) and covers the structuring of a physical distribution and commercialization network, technological development, management of systems and platforms, in addition to marketing and dissemination actions.

Interested companies have up to 30 calendar days after publication of the notice to deliver the necessary documentation to LOTEP headquarters.

Fixed odds bets

Fixed odds bets, known as “bets”, differ from other lottery modalities in that they have fixed odds at the time of betting.

This type of betting has seen significant growth globally, with well-established markets in countries such as the UK, Australia and many in Europe.

In the United States, regulation of fixed-odds sports betting is rapidly expanding.

The inclusion of this modality by LOTEP represents an important advance, aligning Paraíba with international trends in the gambling sector.

Transparency and details of the accreditation process

LOTEP will receive the documentation by December 10th, exclusively via email at [email protected].

The complete notice and its annexes, available for consultation, provide detailed information on the requirements and conditions for participation.