Lottopar, in partnership with the Paraná Sports Secretariat, held the 1st Responsible and Safe Gaming Workshop last Friday (24).

The event, hosted at Palácio das Araucárias, had as its main focus raising awareness about appropriate practices in sports betting.

The program included a lecture by Sportradar, a global leader in the prevention and detection of manipulation of sports results, and the launch of an educational booklet by Lottopar on the topic.

The meeting aimed to raise awareness among sports entities and bettors about the importance of responsible gambling.

Education and safety proposed by Lottopar

Lottopar took the opportunity to publish informative materials, including videos about safe betting.

Daniel Romanowski, CEO of Lottopar, emphasized the progression of sports betting regulation in the National Congress and Paraná’s pioneering spirit in regulating this market in the state.

He highlighted the importance of creating a healthy and safe betting environment in Paraná, now under state regulation, with Lottopar’s supervision over accredited operators.

Romanowski highlighted Lottopar‘s pillars: ethics, transparency, education and compliance.

He mentioned collaboration with the Sports Secretariat to educate athletes and prevent sports betting scandals.

“The game already existed, what we are doing, the regulation, is bringing this to light,” he said.

Elisandro Frigo, state secretary of Administration and Social Security, highlighted the transparency and integrity in the accreditation process for sports betting operators, carried out under the New Bidding Law.

“Lottopar was created to support sport and increase revenue for the State and the idea is for a safe game to take place, in which people are aware of the ethics and responsibility of this process”, stated Frigo.

Frigo also emphasized the importance of ensuring responsible and safe gaming, both for the population and athletes. All of this aiming for maximum transparency and seriousness in the championships.

About the event promoted by the Sports Secretariat and Lottopar

The workshop featured a presentation by Sportradar, which discussed cases of misconduct in sports betting and strategies to prevent it.

Lottopar also detailed its management platform and payment methods, aiming to reinforce security in the state lottery market.

Among the measures to be adopted by operators, supervised by Lottopar, are information on real probabilities of winning, guidance on moderation in betting, and prevention of betting by under-18s.

In addition, awareness of the risks of gaming and a ban on paying for bets by credit card.

Recently, Lottopar and the Sports Secretariat signed a technical cooperation agreement to promote public policies to strengthen sport and responsible gaming.

The agreement includes the exchange of information and actions to prevent fraud, ensuring the safety of bettors and athletes.

About Sportradar and its participation in the event

Sportradar, headquartered in Switzerland with offices in 30 countries, is an authority on sports data analytics and digital content.

Its system monitors sports betting patterns globally to identify suspicious activity and combat match fixing.

Helio Wirbiski, State Secretary of Sport, highlighted the importance of safe play for sport in Paraná.

He stated that Lottopar‘s profits will contribute to the State Sports Fund, supporting social projects and sports development in the state.

“Part of Lottopar’s profits will fund the State Sports Fund, so that we can invest in social projects, at grassroots and high-income levels. So everyone stands to gain if this process is increasingly safe, professional and serious”, stated Wirbiski.