PL quer repassar parte da arrecadação com loterias a entidades que zelam por idosos
O autor da proposta, deputado Miguel Lombardi. Foto:

Bill 4340/23 creates the National Support Program for Long-Term Institutions for the Elderly (ILPIs), allocating 1% of revenue from the “São João”, “Natal” and “Mega da Viradalotteries to these institutions.

The text is being analyzed by the Chamber of Deputies.

ILPIs are governmental or non-governmental institutions designed to offer housing and conditions of freedom, dignity and citizenship for the elderly.

Allocation of lottery resources

The resources, according to the text, must be fully applied to actions involving:

  • prevention and control of infections within ILPIs;
  • purchase of basic supplies and equipment for the safety and hygiene of residents and employees;
  • purchase of medicines; and
  • adequacy of spaces for isolation of suspected and mild cases of serious illnesses.

“The pandemic that recently hit the world made these citizens even more vulnerable, considering that LTCFs began to suffer from increasing lack of resources”, highlighted the author, deputy Miguel Lombardi (PL-SP).

Furthermore, he also pointed out that elderly people cared for in ILPIs generally suffer from comorbidities and do not have the financial means to live without external help.

Finally, the project establishes that resources from lotteries must be transferred even to institutions with outstanding tax debts with the federal government and regardless of the presentation of the Certification of Social Assistance Benevolent Entities (Cebas).

Project progress

The proposal will be analyzed, conclusively, in some committees.

Therefore, the list includes committees for the Defense of the Rights of the Elderly; Finance and Taxation; and Constitution and Justice and Citizenship.