Mega Millions, one of the most coveted lotteries in the United States, reached a historic milestone with its accumulated prize of R$1.5 billion.

“I imagine that there are lottery players, all over the world, dreaming of providing comfort and quality of life for their family, thinking about the material goods they could buy, the vacations they could take and who they could share the prize with if they are lucky enough to win. the $308 million Mega Millions jackpot,” says Adrian Cooremans.

Therefore, this value converted into real exceeds R$ 1.5 billion, which will be drawn this Friday, November 24th.

“Of course, the only way anyone can win that jackpot is by playing the Mega Millions lottery. In the past, this meant traveling to the United States and purchasing tickets in person. Believe it or not, this is no longer necessary”, adds Cooremans, representative of The Lotter platform.

Legal participation of Mega Millions in Brazil

TheLotter spokesperson highlights the legality and safety of participating in the draw from Brazil. “Brazilians can legally participate in Mega Millions draws,” says Cooremans.

This is because TheLotter, an online lottery ticket purchasing platform, allows Brazilians to buy official lottery tickets.

Under US law, foreigners, including tourists, have the right to win American lottery prizes,” explains Cooremans.

Smaller prizes are credited directly to users’ accounts, while larger prizes require the winner’s presence in the US.

A winning record

Currently, TheLotter has awarded more than US$120 million in prizes, with more than 8 million winning tickets worldwide.

“Our company is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and is recognized for its reliability and transparency”, highlights Cooremans.

Mega Millions: a unique opportunity

Indeed, the jackpot of R$1.5 billion is a rare and exciting opportunity for players from all over the world, including Brazilians.