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Two of the largest cities in Goías, Anápolis and Aparecida are on track to have municipal lotteries. In the city of Anápolis, the law, originating from the Executive, was made official in the Official Gazette on October 20th.

Oldair Fonseca, municipal secretary of Economy and Planning, highlights that the operational model is still being developed.

He states: “We are still formatting the details of how we will operate the service.”

The city hopes that the proceeds will mainly benefit social security. Fonseca explains: “the mandatory contribution from employees and the counterpart from the city hall are not enough.”

It is estimated that the city of Anápolis allocates 80% of the amount collected to social security, applying the remaining 20% ​​to operational expenses, taxes and social projects.

Fonseca clarifies that the initiative is not related to the 2024 municipal elections. He points to the reduction in the municipality’s revenues, especially in the transfers of ICMS, FPM and Fundeb.

“The real loss from these three sources was 6% from January to October 2023, compared to the same period in 2022”, says Fonseca.

Aparecida de Goiânia follows the example

The neighboring city, Aparecida de Goiânia, is also considering implementing a municipal lottery.

Councilor Erivelton Passos da Silva (PP), also known as Erivelton Contador, proposed the initiative in Aparecida de Goiânia.

According to the website O Popular, he suggests investing the funds raised in crucial areas, including pensions, health, education, sport, tourism, public transport, security, basic sanitation and infrastructure.

In a note, Aparecida City Hall stated that it will comment on the project after the Municipal Attorney General’s Office (PGM) analyzes it, making this conditional on its approval by the Chamber.

Discussions about municipal lotteries extend beyond Anápolis and Aparecida

The trend of municipal lotteries is not limited to large centers. Planaltina, on the outskirts of the Federal District, also entered the debate.

In a session of the City Council on November 13, there was an incident between councilors Carlim Imperador (Solidarity) and Professor Lincon (Citizenship), with accusations of racial insult.