Ex-BBB dona de empresa especializada em bolões ganha quase R$ 3 milhões na Lotofácil da Independência
Foto: Reprodução/Instagram

Nationally recognized for having won the lottery 54 times, former BBB member Paulinha Leite said she won almost R$3 million in Lotofácil da Independência.

In 2022, she hit 16 corners in Mega da Virada, having accumulated other game victories. Owner of a company specializing in creating prize pools, the influencer says she evaluates the combinations based on analysis and intuition.

“My mother played the lottery, and one day I played, I got four numbers right and I started to like it. I went to Big Brother, I won everything there: apartment, car… When I left, in one of the interviews I gave, I said that I had already won the lottery”, she highlighted, who has numbers 4 and 14 as favorites, in interview with O Globo.

“I choose the numbers based on what I see in my daily life, those that catch my attention. Then I mix it with the numbers that come out the most, other games with those that come out the least”, he added.

Paulinha published a photo with the winning bet and wrote: “I went to sleep thinking I was a millionaire and woke up knowing for sure. Suck it world, I won again, almost 3 MILLION.” “Just a warning: MEGA DA VIRADA, WE’RE COMING!”, concluded the ex-BBB.

The former BBB also said that 40 people who participated in a prize pool organized by her company, Unindo Sonhos, worth R$8, each won R$74,547.20.

In 2022, Paulinha announced that she had won Mega da Virada, hitting 16 corners in pools. Your company’s website went down due to the number of hits. Her luck with lottery betting led her to start a business focused on promoting raffles.

Lucky at BBB, Paula was successful on the networks and opened a lottery company to serve followers

“Afterwards, some followers asked me for numbers. I did, and they won the court again. A month later, some followers continued playing and won Quina, winning R$ 28 thousand… And I said: ‘Guys, a lot of coincidence!’. I went and gave them (other numbers) again, and then they won again”, he recalled.

Due to the successive successes, Paulinha said that her followers asked her to hold a raffle. “I thought it was just going to be a joke with my followers. When we saw it, we no longer realized it. We won the prize, and the company was born from that.”

According to the O Globo article, the former BBB had 25 employees last year to keep up with demand. On social media, the company claims to have already distributed R$15 million to bettors. On Instagram alone, there are 389 thousand followers.

However, the company has 174 complaints on the “Reclame Aqui” website, which brings together consumer complaints. Most people report that they are unable to withdraw funds because the portal requires an update of information to complete the procedure.