Lotofácil da Independência prêmio de R 192 milhões será dividido por 65 apostas
Lotofácil da Independência prêmio de R 192 milhões será dividido por 65 apostas.

The Lotofácil da Independência special draw number 2,900 will award 65 winning bets with a total of

Each of the winners who matched the 15 numbers will receive more than R$2.95 million.

This Saturday (10), the following dozens were drawn: 01-03-04-05-06-07-10-11-14-18-19-20-23-24-25.

This is the largest prize ever offered in the history of this modality in Brazil, surpassing the amount distributed in the 2022 special draw, when 79 bets shared the amount of R$177.6 million.

How do Lotofácil prizes work?

At Lotofácil, prizes are distributed to those who match 15, 14, 13, 12 or 11 numbers out of the 25 available on the betting sheet.

To play, the minimum bet consists of choosing 15 tens and costs R$3.

In special draws, such as Mega da Virada and Dupla-Sena de Páscoa, prizes do not accumulate.

Mega Sena and Lotofácil da Independência draw Friday September 6th

If no player matches the 15 numbers in the main range, the prize is distributed among those who match 14 numbers, and so on, ensuring that the prize is shared among the winners.

Considering all five prize categories, Lotofácil da Independência included more than 23 million players.

The amount of R$1,755.69 will be awarded to 8,695 bets that received 14 hits.

The remaining prizes are distributed as follows:

  • 13 hits out of 294,181 bets will receive R$30 each;
  • 12 hits out of 3,571,989 bets will be entitled to R$12 each;
  • 11 hits out of 19,334,116 bets will receive R$6 each.

In these last three prize tiers, the amounts paid are fixed.

The probability of winning

The probability of winning Lotofácil varies depending on the number of numbers selected in the bet. Here are some common odds:

  1. of matching all 15 numbers with a single bet (15 numbers marked): 1 in 3,268,760.
  2. Probability of matching all 15 numbers with an 18-number bet: 1 in 4,006.

Check below in more detail the value of the bet and the chance of winning with a guess by marking all possible tens:

Lotofácil da Independência: bets for the BRL 200 million prize are released.